818.219.3346 design@warrencasey.com Resume
Set Design, Art Direction, Decoration, Prop Making and Props - "Plum Prize" 2015
Logo design 2014 Prop design and building Prop design and building in Leather
Four sets of human size crow wings, Prop making for the play "Side Show 2015" Click on photo to see them in action!
Makeup Special Effect for "Woyzeck 2015" - Click on photo for video - 2015 Graphics for Film and Theater
Set Design, Art Direction & Decoration - "Undercover Boss" - 2014
Three tee shirt designs for MacKinnon's Kilts - 2015
Tapping Rat Spats props for "Shrek the Musical" design and build
Chateau Camrose - exterior design and photography - linked Chateau Camrose - exterior design and photography - linked
Poster Design Media Design
Digital photography - Linked Food photography - Linked Music photography - Linked
Special Effects/props for film and theater - linked to my Youtube page
Logo design Prop Master/builder - diving bell for "When you're in Love, the Whole World is Jewish"
Interior Design and Photography, Web Design - linked to Chateau Camrose Unique sign design - plan drawings
The Western Woods - fine art
Prop drinks Logo design - webpages - Linked
Stainless Steel Loft Ladder/handrail design bracket details
Graphics, social media & photography design - Linked Residentual interior and exterior design
Stainless Steel Loft Ladder/handrail design Stainless Steel Loft Ladder attachment bracket detail
Wicked Tinkers inspired drawing
Wicked Tinkers inspired drawing
Wicked Tinkers inspired drawing
Breakfast nook design
Breakfast nook - design
Dolphin flag pole holder - design & build
Design drawings - catwalk and loft ladder - Chateau Camrose - Linked
Redwood gate - design & build
Stainless Steel/wood loft ladder & Railing - design
Toy boat - design & build
Glenoaks Deli - photography
Glenoaks Deli - graphic design & production
Wicked Tinkers - Illustration
Agromin - Graphic design & production
Chateau Camrose, Hollywood CA - interior & exterior design - Linked
Wicked Tinkers CD packaging - graphic design & production
Tori Gate detail, Hollywood - design & art direction
Tori Gate, Hollywood - design & art direction
McDonald's Happy Meal Workshop concept drawing - design & art direction - link
McDonald's Happy Meal Workshop set - design & art direction
CD Graphics
CD Graphics
Drum design & build
Illustration & design
Custom design & build
Exterior Design - Japanese garden & tea house
Prop master & prop builder
Graphic sign design
Graphic design
Redwood Gate - design, carving, woodwork & building
Illustation & fine art
Film model - design & art direction
Mural design & painting
Mural design (detail) & painting
Boat building and cabin design
Kitchen design
Graphic design & production
Cupid's Bow - film prop design & build
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