818.219.3346 design@warrencasey.com Resume
Tapping Rat Spats props for "Shrek the Musical" design and build
Chateau Camrose - exterior design and photography - linked Chateau Camrose - exterior design and photography - linked
Poster Design Media Design
Digital photography - Linked Food photography - Linked Music photography - Linked
Special Effects/props for film and theater - linked to my Youtube page
Logo design Prop Master/builder - diving bell for "When you're in Love, the Whole World is Jewish"
Interior Design and Photography, Web Design - linked to Chateau Camrose Unique sign design - plan drawings
The Western Woods - fine art
Prop drinks Logo design - webpages - Linked
Stainless Steel Loft Ladder/handrail design bracket details
Graphics, social media & photography design - Linked Residentual interior and exterior design
Stainless Steel Loft Ladder/handrail design Stainless Steel Loft Ladder attachment bracket detail
Wicked Tinkers inspired drawing
Wicked Tinkers inspired drawing
Wicked Tinkers inspired drawing
Breakfast nook design
Breakfast nook - design
Dolphin flag pole holder - design & build
Design drawings - catwalk and loft ladder - Chateau Camrose - Linked
Redwood gate - design & build
Stainless Steel/wood loft ladder & Railing - design
Toy boat - design & build
Glenoaks Deli - photography
Glenoaks Deli - graphic design & production
Wicked Tinkers - Illustration
Agromin - Graphic design & production
Chateau Camrose, Hollywood CA - interior & exterior design - Linked
Wicked Tinkers CD packaging - graphic design & production
Tori Gate detail, Hollywood - design & art direction
Tori Gate, Hollywood - design & art direction
McDonald's Happy Meal Workshop concept drawing - design & art direction - link
McDonald's Happy Meal Workshop set - design & art direction
CD Graphics
CD Graphics
Drum design & build
Illustration & design
Custom design & build
Exterior Design - Japanese garden & tea house
Prop master & prop builder
Graphic sign design
Graphic design
Redwood Gate - design, carving, woodwork & building
Illustation & fine art
Film model - design & art direction
Mural design & painting
Mural design (detail) & painting
Boat building and cabin design
Kitchen design
Graphic design & production
Cupid's Bow - film prop design & build
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